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In commemorating three decades of the Foundation for the Education of Blind Children (YPAB), covering the period of 1959 to 1989, on March 9 1989, we cannot forget our memories of an energetic personality, full of idealism, who was the motive force building this Foundation. That personality was the late Professor Dr. M. Soetopo. May God bless him for all his services to his fellow men and award his soul with tranquillity, rest, and eternal peace.

The 9th March 1959 was the starting point for the firts positive steps to tear aside the veil of darkness covering part of the Indonesia community because of their loss of the sense of sight. The positive steps towards the aim long held by professor were :

  • To give a suitable education to blind children
  • To Provide housing where they could be cared for
  • To work together with other organisations that have similiar aims
  • To give pointers to anyone else wishing to set up organisation with similiar aims

These aims and objects were set out in the Deed of Notary Anwar Mahajudin of Surabaya, Number 17 of 9 March 1959. And with this the Foundation for the Education of Blind Children, the YPAB, was estabilited. Far-reaching idealism and a burning spirit of dedication made the professor so optimistic that he expressed his optimism in the logo he used for the Foundation : Two hands reaching up for the peak of high mountain, whilst he worked out the initials YPAB into a slogan to express his optimism : " Yakin Pasti Akan Berhasil " - 'Conviction is Sure to Succed.


" Unggul dalam prestasi, disiplin, dan mandiri dalam berkarya berdasarkan nilai iman & taqwa "


  • Menumbuhkambangkan minat belajar siswa agar sejajar anak - anak pada umumnya.
  • Menggali dan mengembangkan potensi yang dimiliki siswa sebagai bekal kehidupan masa depan.
  • Menumbuhkembangkan kemandirian melalui pendidikan Life Skill.

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